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  • Teetta Kalajo

    With a career in international telecom business spanning more than a decade, Teetta has been working with change and leadership-, team-, and organizational development in various countries in Europe and Latin America. As an experienced mindfulness practitioner, she found her passion to utilize her experience in supporting organizations and individuals for high performance and currently she is working as a trainer, coach and facilitator.

  • Matti Salo

    Matti has worked as business coach and trainer for teams and managers since 2001. He also has background in organizational research and leadership assessments. Matti has more than 30 years experience with mind training practices. He has applied mindful training in coaching and team facilitation and has passion for utilizing mindful practices in unfolding tacit knowledge and enhancing strategic foresight. He is co-author of books about Mentoring and Mindful leadership.

  • Heljä Ora

    Heljä Ora holds a MA in Social Sciences. She is an organisational consultant and solution focused coach. She has a long background in the philosophy and practice of mindfulness. She has been teaching and training mindfulness in corporations and public administration since 2006.

  • Douglas Toth

    Douglas is a business communications consultant from the US, teaching in the public and private sectors around the globe, with over 20 years of experience. After noticing an increase of anxiety and lack of focus within his clients at their workplace, he began offering techniques that reduce stress and promote productivity. After a decade of offering these programs as a certified teacher, he has now enthusiastically jumped on-board the Potential Project team.