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  • Jens Näsström

    Jens is an Occupational Psychologist and the Country Director of The Potential Project in Sweden. His specialty is mindfulness training for lawyers and in law firms, which he has conducted since 2006. Jens trains in both Swedish and English.

  • Martin Ström, M.Sc.

    Martin holds a M. Sc. degree in Engineering and a M. Sc. degree in Psychology. He conducted the first Swedish study on the effects of mindfulness training in work-life, and is the author of a best selling book on Corporate Mindfulness ("Fokus på jobbet"). Martin has trained leaders and staff from companies like IKEA, IBM, Nordea, If, and Vattenfall in mindfulness.

  • Maj Andrén

    Maj holds a BSc in Human Resources and works as an organizational consultant and leadership coach with special emphasis on stress and change management. As a former HR manager and with more than 20 years of HR experience from a wide range of organizations, her main passion is bringing sustainable tools for focus, clarity and joy into the corporate world. Maj has been practicing Mindfulness more than a decade, and holds diploma in both CBMT (Corporate Based Mindfulness Training) and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress-reduction).

  • Frida Pollak

    Frida holds a M.Sc degree in Engineering. She is today combining her work as a Project Management Consultant with teaching Mindfulness. Her experience of the corporate working environment has conformed her understanding of the potentials of Mindfulness training. Frida has been practicing Mindfulness for 15 years and has education in MBSR and CBMT.

  • Maria Ström

    Maria is a licensed psychologist specialized in work related stress. She has been practicing mindfulness since the year 2000 and has integrated her mindfulness practice in her work with individual clients and with groups. Maria also holds a master's degree in biomedical chemistry and has worked for many years at the Karolinska Institute as a project manager, creating start-up companies in the biotechnology field.

  • Johan Bergstad

    Johan is a licensed psychologist, author and public speaker. He has practiced mindfulness since the late 1990’s and has trained leaders and staff since 2006. Johan is a well-known mindfulness teacher in Scandinavia and gives workshops and programs in Swedish and English.