Executive Dialogue Series: Mindful Leadership

The National University of Singapore's Business School is organizing a seminar on mindful leadership together with Centre for Strategic Leadership. The Potential Project has been asked to deliver a keynote speech on the topic together with an executive and a researcher. Click here for more information (PDF, 586 Kb).

McKinsey Quarterly calls for new working norms

"Always-on, multitasking work environments are killing productivity, dampening creativity and making us unhappy," writes the highly esteemed McKinsey Quarterly in the January 2011 edition.

The article continues: "In a recent study participants who completed tasks in parallel took up to 30 percent longer and made twice as many errors."

This is highly counterproductive for organizational performance. Something needs to be done.

Changing this "requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline, and we can't do it alone: in our teams and across the whole organization, we need to establish a set of norms that support s more productive way of working."

You can read or download the full article here (PDF, 255Kb). To download it, right-click the link and click "Save target as...".

Mindfulness @ Work Panel

70 corporate leaders from Carlsberg, Saxo Bank, Nordea Bank, Novo Nordic, Mercuri Urval and other organisations participated in a seminar on the organizational and individual benefits of mindfulnes.

The photograph above shows the concluding panel discussion, including Dr. Alan Wallace, Prof. Jay Narayanan, Prof. Jochen Reb, Christian Stadil (CEO of Hummel AS), Sander Tideman (MD of Global Leaders Academy) and Wolfgang Ricke and Rasmus Hougaard from Potential Project.

The keynote speeches will be available on YouTube soon.

Welcome to our new trainers from Singapore, China and Malaysia

Click to see a larger photograph We are very pleased to congratulate our new group of Corporate-Based Mindfulness trainers in Singapore, Malaysia and China! They were certified on May 13 in Singapore after an intensive trainers' training:

From Shanghai: Alison and Ting Ting.

From Hong Kong: Peta, Sherri and Angela.

From Singapore: Sabreena, Jacqueline, Malou, Ching Wi and Ana.

CBMT at IF Insurance featured in Svenska Dagbladet

An article on the benefits of CBMT featured in the Swedish business newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

Read the article. To download it, right-click the link and then click "Save Target As..."

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