Interview with Jeremy Hunter of the Peter Drucker School of Management

Jeremy Hunter Potential Project Senior Trainer Martin Ström interviewed Jeremy Hunter, an Assistant Professor of Practice from the Peter Drucker School of Management who has taught mindfulness to executives for more than a decade. Jeremy shared the story of how he came to teach mindfulness, his thoughts on how mindfulness is received in the workplace, and what role mindfulness can play in the modern business world.



Carlsberg now working with The Potential Project

Carlsberg is one of the great brands of the globe. Almost everyone knows the characteristic logo, travelling on the side of a Carlsberg truck through some interesting scenery. Carlsberg Group employs about 45,000 employees and is selling to about 150 markets – a truly global corporation.

Making sure that this global group receives all the information it requires to run efficiently is Carlsberg IT A/S, which supports the Carlsberg business with its approximately 400 employees. Always keen to improve its most important assets – its people – Carlsberg has now decided to roll out a full Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training programme to all its employees.

Says Kenneth Egelund Schmidt, VP and CIO: "I have myself been practicing mindfulness training for more than two years. It has been very valuable and useful to me, as it has given me tools to clear my thoughts and to focus on the task at hand, not letting everything else disturb my mind. So I can deeply recommend to join the programme!"

Introductory workshops for approximately 140 employees have commenced and will be followed up by the full training throughout March, April and May 2012.

Showcase: VP Jacob Høedt Larsen

From November 2011 to March 2012, VP Jacob Høedt Larsen undertook a Mindfulness Coaching program with The Potential Project. His company, Habro & Finansgruppen, manages property investments on behalf of 2,500 Danish investors. It employs 60 people in Denmark and 10 in the UK, managing real estate worth approximately 4 billion Euro in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

To see what he had to say about his programme of Mindfulness Coaching with The Potential Project, check out the case study (PDF, 693 Kb).

'CBMT for Individuals' launched successfully

The newly launched Mindfulness Training for Individuals has become an instant success. Following the well-tested outline of our CBMT program, it offers individuals the opportunity to immerse themselves in Mindfulness Practice in the framework of a 1-on-1 coaching setup.

» Read more about what CBMT for Individuals did for one of our clients... (pdf)

IF Insurance hires The Potential Project

IF Insurance, the leading Scandinavian insurance company with approximately 6,400 employees, has asked The Potential Project to conduct a 4-month Mindful Leadership Program for a group of 20 leaders from its Danish headquarters. 

After having experienced the benefits of Mindfulness Training in corporate working life through an earlier CBMT Program, IF Insurance is now determined to bring these benefits to its leaders as well. This time the program will incorporate training to manage the added challenges that leaders and managers face in a corporate environment.

» Read more... (pdf)

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