TPP at Scotland4Mindfulness Conference

Senior Trainer Bo Heimann delivered a one-hour key note speak at the Scotland4Mindfulness Conference in Edinburgh on March 10th. In his talk he described what TPP has come to learn as essentials if you want to run an influential Mindfulness program in corporations with the aim of changing the culture. His talk was received positively, once again indicating that TPP is breaking new ground with CBMT.

Mindfulness ensures focus at Carlsberg IT

Børsen newspaper reports on a study by Jochen Reb of Carlsberg IT's recent Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training programme. Employees have experienced a significant decrease in emotional exhaustion and Carlsberg’s CIO Kenneth Egelund Schmidt, is very satisfied with the initial results of the program.

» Read the article (PDF, 253 Kb)

Carlsberg IT abandons multitasking for mindfulness instead

Børsen newspaper ran a second article on The Potential Project's Corporate-Based Mindfulness Program in Carlsberg IT, this one focusing on how the organisation is abandoning the time- and energy-wasting habit of multitasking.

While multitasking increases stress and hinders productivity, creativity and positive affect, mindfulness does precisely the opposite.

» Download the article (PDF, 245 Kb)

Børsen Newspaper on Mindfulness in Carlsberg

Danish business newspaper Børsen has published two articles on mindfulness and The Potential Project's upcoming CBMT programme with Carlsberg. In addition to some key facts about mindfulness, the articles feature commentaries from Carlsberg’s CIO Kenneth Egelund Schmidt and from Jochen Reb, assistant professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources at Singapore Management University.

» Download the articles (PDF, 340 Kb).

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