Jeremy Hunter asks: Is Mindfulness Good for Business?

It can transform your relationship with yourself, with other people, and with the pressures of the modern world, but... is mindfulness good for business?

Jeremy Hunter Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Practice at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management, explores this question in an excellent piece from Mindful magazine.

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ABC News on Corporate Mindfulness

Why is corporate mindfulness a critical factor in work-life performance and well-being?

In our fast-paced, always-on working cultures we are losing our ability to pay attention. Your level of attention determines your level of performance. That is why organizations like Amex, Accenture, Nike and Ikea are introducing corporate mindfulness to enhance performance and well-being.

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The Potential Project is Expanding

In April 2013 The Potential Project expanded, with 18 new accredited trainers ready to deliver the CBMT program.

TPP's new trainers (click for full-size) Standing from left: Nanna (Denmark), Nicole (Germany), Wolfgang Ricke, Maj (Sweden), Johan (Sweden), Guy (France), Francoise (Netherlands), Dorthe (Denmark), Daniel (Canada), Sandra (Germany), Alix (Netherlands), Jacqueline Carter, Rasmus Hougaard, Marco (Germany), Wolfgang (Germany), Ilka (Germany), Heidi (Sweden), Benno (Austria), Teeta (Finland), Silke (Germany), Sari (Switzerland), Puyee Wong, Anja (Germany).


Mindfulness in the Huffington Post: Overcoming the Drive to Multitask

TPP Senior Trainer Jacqueline Carter has written a second piece on mindfulness in the Huffington Post. She focuses on the unfortunate prevalence of multitasking in today's workplace and how mindfulness training can address this ineffective habit.

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Channel NewsAsia Interview Jacqueline Carter about Mindfulness

As part of a Channel NewsAsia's Breakfast Television special on working smart and work-life balance in Singapore, TPP's Senior Trainer Jacqueline Carter talks about Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training. We can train ourselves to become deeply focused, fully present, high-performing and at ease, even in the midst of busy work life.



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