Testimonials from clients


Nick Foley, President South East Asia Pacific & Japan, Landor Associates

Many of us think we’re good at listening when we’re actually not. The CBMT program has focused my attention in a way I would not have previously thought possible. Listening and retention skills have significantly improved since being a part of the program. More importantly, I’m less distracted and more present during conversations. Not only have I noticed this with my colleagues, but I’ve also experienced a real change in how I interact with my wife and children.

    – April 2014

Antonino Castrone, CFO at University of Copenhagen

At the Financial Administration Department of University of Copenhagen we have for a long time focused on increasing well-being and reducing stress and stress symptoms. We have had external lectures about stress reduction, internal presentations and department seminars and activities about well-being. After all these activities it was very good to complete a one year CBMT mindfulness program for the entire department. Participation was voluntary and around 90% joined the program. Having completed the program, the employees express great joy and satisfaction with the program, with the daily mindfulness training and with the application of the mental strategies that are part of the program, which increase well-being and reduce stress. I really believe that the program contributes in increasing the well-being that is so important for the employees and for the work of our organization.

    – January 2014


Tonny Maak, Partner, Franklin Covey

Mindfulness has already proved its worth in our increasingly busy everyday life and many books have been published on this topic. Here, finally, is a mindfulness program that shows in an accessible way how we can combine ancient wisdom with the challenges of our time, both technological and human. I have personally seen how the combination of the techniques of the Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training program and the way of thinking behind 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® can create ground-breaking results in organizations. The Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training program is a particular strong supplement to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®. These two programs should have the same status and be used by all leaders alike. They both contain timeless solutions to the challenges of everyday life.

    – October 2013

Dorthe Sorensen, Director, The Danish Center for Competence Development

Mindfulness in general – and the Corporate-Based Mindfulness program in particular – has the potential to change our lives and interactions at the work place. I have experienced that our work with mindfulness has contributed to greater presence in our everyday life, increased job satisfaction and increased personal efficiency.

    – September 2013

John Raahauge, Head of Education, Nordea, Private Banking Academy

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training is a program to achieve better results and better work-life balance. The elements of Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training create new habits for greater presence. The program is a kick-off to a life-long inner journey that, among other things, is about being more genuinely present wherever one is and with whomever one is with, to create more peace and joy and to act on 'the right thing'. Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training in working life can increase focus and help to prioritize and become more efficient as well as to create the foundation for better cooperation with colleagues and customers.

    – July 2013

Khatiza Van Savage, Chief Happiness Architect, Insightful Learning Journeys

The practice has helped me develop the art of letting go and manage my productivity. An important outcome for me has been the ability to recognize and accept where I am or where the client is at any given moment. Not to be swept away by the desire to speed up the process of implementing change.

    – June 2013

Jo Metcalfe, Manager - Canberra & Southern NSW, GHD

The course has had a strong impact on how I conduct myself in the office attitudinally and functionally, from the big picture to the detail—goal setting, task prioritisation to mindful emailing and meetings. I’d like to think I’m more present, kind and patient and less judgemental at work and at home and can sustain this through regular practice. This is a must-do series! I thoroughly recommend it.

    – May 2013

Manager, Talent Management, Global HR firm

As a mother of two young children returning to a demanding role from maternity leave, I enrolled in this course with the hope I would gain some tools and techniques to better manage the balance between my work and home lives. Working in the field of organisational psychology, it was important for me to understand the research and science behind the content of the course, and the insights I have gained into the human brain and cognitive processes provide me with all the evidence I need to realise the key to “having it all” is to learn how to be fully present to whatever I am engaging in.

    – May 2013

Alexander Austin, Finance & Investment Industry

The course helped me have increased awareness and understanding of my own thought patterns. This awareness allowed me to recognize them and change them - reducing stress and boosting my effectiveness.

    – May 2013

Dominic Kelly, Managing Director, Empire Financial Planning

In what is often our chaotic pace of life, the course has been a wonderful experience and essential opportunity to pull back from the fray and discuss with likeminded people the issues that most of us face on a daily basis. As we develop these new skills, it’s so incredibly satisfying to see them implemented and not only improve our daily productivity but to do it in a calm and relaxing way.

    – May 2013

Diana Hill, Manager, Design & Development, Parks & City Services, ACT Government

Thank you for a well run, enjoyable and productive course. It has given me very useable and effective ways to be clear about priorities and build better habits. My thinking is clearer; I am calmer in dealings with stress and crisis situations; I feel improved happiness and contentment in both my personal and work life and definitely more effective overall.

    – May 2013

Neale Guthrie, General Manager, Venue and Events Service, Tourism, Sport & Events Division, ACT Government

The course has helped me rediscover some calm and focus in my everyday life both at work and at home. I am now much improved at being in the moment, actually hearing what is being said, and able to prioritise the important over the noise of a busy work life.

    – May 2013

Andrew Rowe, Managing Director, Sustineo Pty Ltd

In an executive or other complex and difficult role, being able to focus on the most important issue in any one moment, without reliving the previous moments and without anticipating future moments, is an essential element of high performance. This course will help anyone improve their capability to focus with intent and purpose, and begin to realise their full potential.

    – May 2013

Loren I. Shuster, Country Director: Singapore & Emerging Markets, Google Asia Pacific

To address the challenges of an always connected, always-on working life, I decided to take an unconventional approach to trying to support my own and my team's ability to reduce stress and gain focus. The Potential Project's CBMT program enabled us to not only understand the science behind mindfulness but more importantly how we can integrate it into our daily working life. My team and I have developed a regular mindfulness practice and have positively altered the way in which we conduct meetings and use email. We are learning to become more present, and with more presence comes greater engagement, meaning and productivity.

    – March 2013


Rob Jones, Category Manager, Indirect Procurement, British Petroleum

This has been the most useful training I have done since joining BP five years ago.

    – November 2012

Pepijn van der Meulen, Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Lifeguard, The Netherlands

CBMT has enabled us in our company to take regular moments, alone or in groups, to actively come to our senses and return to mindful working. These moments of reflection help us to consciously direct the attention in a hectic, demanding environment. Some people say that Mindfulness is 'fluffy', but this is not at all my experience.

    – August 2012

Harro Yestra – Health Manager, Lifeguard, The Netherlands

For me the CBMT training has made clear how many times we are "living in our head"; in thoughts about the past or future, instead of in the "here and now". Mindfulness practice has given me the tools to be more attentive in daily life. I now enjoy daily experience more. I am also more able to focus and keep my attention to my work at hand. This greatly benefits my conversations with clients.

    – August 2012

Kenneth Egelund Schmidt, CIO, Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg IT has over the last quarter acquired a new competence. The competence of conscious living and working. By the help of the Potential Project and their Corporate Based Mindfulness Training program we have ventured into the journey of becoming a mindful organization.

A mindful organization is an organization where people do the right things. Not just things. It is an organization where people have the mental competence to think clearly, make the right decisions and act accordingly.

Over the duration of the program we have taken big steps where the individual and organizational benefits have come apparent; more focus and effectiveness, less stress and a more open culture.

The program has been presented in a down to earth and concise way with clear instructions and kind guidance through the entire process.

    – June 2012

Hew Evans, Director Region Human Resources (Asia, Middle East & Africa), Sony Electronics

The choice of an 'Always-On' lifestyle brings its additional stresses and strains. The relentless push for productivity has its price eventually. At Sony, our future leaders have been working with TPP to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their lives, as well as those around them. What seemed like a risk when we designed the leadership programmes has turned out to be the missing piece to our puzzle of unlocking potential and creativity.

- May 2012


Andy Kun, Business Development Manager, Telecommunications Industry, Hong Kong

The best thing about the program is that I’m now much more aware of my thoughts. There’s a space between my thoughts and my actions which allows me to make better decisions where before I might have just responded without thinking.

    – December 2011

Marita Rouhof, Regional Head of Communications, AXA Asia, Hong Kong

The mindfulness training has helped me feel more positive energy towards work and deadlines. I am more in the moment, have better concentration, I'm happier with myself and sleep better at night!

    – December 2011

Nihan Usanmaz, Human Resources, Reckitt Benckiser

I think that your seminar will be very helpful for a wide-range of people with different ages and different occupations from secretary to manager, from engineer to general coordinator.

    – October 2011

Sam Chan, President, Applied Computer Online Services

The Potential Project Mindfulness Training is like having a dear friend to show you around the entire city, letting you see, smell, taste, hear and feel the entire San Francisco.

Having studied eastern and western human excellence and self-improvement since I was 13 years old, I was amazed with the elegant design for this class. Its simplicity, the multiple levels design. Just-in-time teachings followed by the practice to experience the teachings. Group dynamics and group feedback for deepening the learning. Everything flows and fit so effortlessly. Allowing the subconscious mind to learn and apply the learning immediately.

If you are not using all parts of your mind yet, it may be this class that may change your life.

People can change, but they rarely do, this class would definitely increase the odds.

    – August 2011


Jan De Witte, President & CEO, General Electric Healthcare

A refreshing experience that helped my team rebalance some of its dynamics, and created a fun way to make stress and focus at work discussable.

    – September 2010

Nikolai Bülow Tronche, Competence and Organisational Development, Copenhagen Community, Denmark

Mindfulness has been an eye-opener – personally as well as professionally. It has taught me that you can decide yourself on how to approach the world around you and what to focus on. Instead of being a slave to irritating distractions and those things that are not like one thought they should be, one can deal with them in a constructive way. Mindfulness has given me a bigger peace and increased presence in my relationship to my colleagues at the work place, as well as my family at home.

Rasmus Hougaard from The Potential Project has been a big source of inspiration for all participants throughout the whole training. He has explained Mindfulness in a way which enabled all of us to follow easily and managed to give comprehensive answers to sometimes complex questions on brain activities and the human psychology. It has been a very professional and competent performance throughout and we can highly recommend it!

    – August 2010

Marc Reinhardt, National Service Manager, General Electric Healthcare

I do observe that my mood is more balanced, e.g., I went on a training that meant 5 nights away from home, travelling on Sunday. In the past, that would have spoilt my Sunday altogether, now I could still enjoy the time I had with my family and then also leave without getting into a very negative mood. Also, I took it surprisingly lightly that the plane had to return to the parking position and needed to get a part replaced, so we ended up landing at the destination at 1:00am the next day.

What I also observe is that I can switch off from work more quickly and easily, that I can concentrate much better when I read a book, that I feel much more comfortable and am more patient in situations where I have "nothing to do" (waiting for a train/bus/plane, standing in line in the supermarket...).

These are all gradual and still not revolutionary changes but thinking back how I used to feel in these situations a few months ago I do notice a significant difference, so thanks again for bringing this idea into my life!

    – May 2010

Alison Murdoch, International Director, Essential Education

At this moment in human history, many people find themselves saturated by information, bombarded by possibilities, and exhausted by the demands that our jobs and personal lives make of us. The Potential Project offers tools and methods that can help us navigate through all this, and regain the necessary calm and clarity to function at our optimum potential.

For me, the most exciting thing about the Potential Project is its ability to present profound and timeless wisdom in a scientific context and a fresh contemporary style. All around the world, scientists, corporate managers and educators are realising the practical difference that the ancient practice of mindfulness can bring to our lives. Through the Potential Project, we have the opportunity to taste this for ourselves.

    – March 2010

Pache Pladevall, Managing Director, Wolkswagen Audi Spain

It is a privilege and an enormous opportunity to learn about how our mind works. But it is even more important to learn how to be present and conscious of our never-stopping flow of thoughts. These learnings allow me to live happier with myself, keep better peace of mind and successfully cope with my demanding professional life. The people of The Potential Project show a very high level of expertise on each of the subjects of the program as well as on the methodology that helps you achieve the objectives.

    – January 2010


Halldor Machholm, Head of Risk Management, IF Insurance, Denmark

The Potential Project's mindfulness training program (CBMT) is tailor-made for corporations. It is a non-dogmatic and clearly structured program that appeals to most managers and employees.

We have been through the full 4 month program and are continuing our daily 10 minutes trainings as part of our culture with the support of the Potential Project. The results of the program appeared early. Already after one month, a big difference could be seen in the teams. All participants reported improved ability to focus, increased productivity better cooperation and less stress. We experience ourselves being more open and flexible which secures higher professional and personal development.

Personally, I experience that greater patience and self-control as a result of the program make me a better and more supportive leader. The non-dogmatic training and coaching performed by the Potential Project makes the mindfulness training very accessible. I am very happy about our corporation with the Potential Project and strongly recommend the CBMT program.

    – December 2009

Ester Bang, Account Manager, IF insurance, Denmark

I am very busy and have always looked for a tool that could help me live a more balanced life. I used Steven Covey's books on the 7 habits, and other tools, but I always had the feeling that it did not go to the root. Now, after 8 weeks of the mindfulness programme I have no doubt that I have found what I was always looking for.

I have never had as clear a mental separation between my private life and working life as now. That adds a lot of extra energy to both.

    – December 2009

Roy White, Vice President, Sony Business Europe

We are all now working in environments that are moving faster and faster with more demands on our time and less chance for recovery. As time for good communication is squeezed we are experiencing more misunderstanding and, therefore, conflict in our organisations.

The Potential Project provide a number of tools that enable us to put things in perspective and to avoid some of these misunderstandings by viewing things positively rather than negatively. I think these type of tools can play a big role in helping individuals and organisations manage the increasing pressures that we all face.

    – September 2009

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